South TX Dealer


Everyone is familiar with the present system of purchasing ice at grocery or convenience stores. You’ve probably experienced it yourself: standing in line to pay, collecting your bag (if you remember), and at some point banging the ice on a hard surface to break it into useable pieces and sometimes breaking the bag, “Twice the Frustration”.

With an Ice House, ice is produced and delivered to the consumer using a unique patented vending strategy. In 8 seconds, a 16 pound bag of ice is bagged and dispensed – or 20 pounds of bulk ice is dropped directly into the consumer’s cooler- at half the local market price. The ice is chipped, deliciously chewable, and never frozen together in hard chunks. This fully automated, self-serve Ice House deliverer’s ice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Whether buying one bag or 100 getting ice is a breeze!


  • Purchase an ice house or exclusive development area
  • Lease or purchase commercial property
  • Apply for city permitting
  • Setup your utilities – water, phone, and electricity
  • Technicians will deliver, install and start up each Ice House
  • Arrange for a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony
  • Advertise with flyers, coupons, and free ice days


We believe our ice is the cleanest, safest ice on the market today. Ice World Journal reports that according to the CDC “Hand-based contamination is one of the leading sources for passing illness…”. Our ice is never touched by human hands. All materials that come in contact with our ice during production are made of 100% food grade stainless steel. Once produced the ice is stored in a self contained food grade stainless steel bin.
After the customer deposits his/her money, ice is mechanically dropped into a bag or bulk chute and is delivered to the consumer automatically.