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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is financing available?

    Most customers get financing from their local bank. We have a pro forma available to assist you with information on financial expectations.

  2. What is the minimum investment required?

    The minimum investment depends on options desired, shipping and installation.

  3. Are there other ways to finance an Ice House, other than bank financing?

    In some cases, individuals prefer to partner with two or three others to reduce or eliminate the need to borrow money. In other cases, an individual will act as the “sweat equity”/managing partner, while another partner provides the financing.

  4. Do I need any employees to run my ice vending business?

    Most often, it is unnecessary to have any employees to help run your Ice House because it is a fully automated and self-serve machine. Typically, owners derive tremendous pleasure from checking on their machines every day or two. However, Ice House owners or investor groups with multiple units may choose to hire someone to oversee their operations.

  5. How many bags of ice per day can an Ice House deliver?

    There are many factors that determine how many bags an Ice House can deliver. Typically, an Ice House has the ability to deliver between 300-600 bags per day. This number varies depending on how much time customer demand allows the ice maker and ice storage bin to recover. If weekly demand regularly exceeds an average of 2,000 bags per week, a second ice maker should be added to the Ice House in order to increase the machine’s recovery abilities, enabling it to produce more bags of ice.

  6. How much income can I expect to generate per year?

    Income from an Ice House depends on several variables, including, but not limited to, local demand, price per vend, and fixed cost.  The average Ice House sells about 150 bags per day at a cost of $1.25 per bag. Gross average revenue per Ice House is about $68,000.00 with a 67% profit margin per year. A single Ice House can easily supplement current income or retirement income, while multiple Ice Houses have the ability to provide a fulltime income.

  7. What is the average payback timespan per machine?

    The average payback timespan on a total Ice House investment is 4-5 years. The average cash on cash return on a 20% down payment is one year.

  8. What is the average breakeven per machine?

    The average break-even with a 7 year debt service is 85 bags per day. The average breakeven with no debt service is 50 bags per day.

  9. Is there a way to keep track of the sales on a machine?

    Yes, all of the units come equipped with SmartIce remote online management system . This system  gives you access to your ice and water sales, financial reports or your daily vends from any smartphone, computer or laptop.   You will receive a 3 month trial period for FREE at the time of installation.  Request a demo today.

  10. What is needed to get my business up and running?

    First, find a busy, high-traffic location for your Ice House. Secondly, make sure the location has water, three phase electricity, and phone lines. Once that has been confirmed, you need to secure a lease and apply for local construction permits. If your location is in the county, no local permits are required. Finally, arrange for all required site improvements to be completed and inspected. Once your site is ready, our technicians will deliver, install, and start up the Ice House for you.

  11. What if I have no experience with finding lease space, working with sub contractors, or requesting city permits?

    Don’t worry. Although you may experience a learning curve, Grande Ice will provide information and assistance in every step of the way.

  12. What realistic timeframe is required to become a fully operational Ice House?

    Finding a location is the greatest time variable when opening an Ice House. Once a location is secure, becoming operational usually takes 45 – 90 days.

  13. What prevents an Ice House from being in direct competition with another Ice House?

    Through a Purchase Agreement, a Business License provides a Protected Trade Area around each Ice House. No other Ice House America Ice House can be placed within that radius.

  14. How do I know if there is a problem with the operation of the machine?

    If a problem occurs, SmartIce will automatically alert the owner or maintenance technician to notify them of the problem.  You can receive alerts by text or email.

  15. What about operations training?

    Our technician will train and support each owner on the operations of their Ice House.

  16. What is the inventory of the Ice House?

    Inventory includes bags, twist ties, quarters and ICE.

  17. How big is an Ice House?

    The Ice House is approximately 200 square feet. The dimensions are 8’4″ x 24′ and weighs approximately 10,000 pounds.

  18. How well is an Ice House built?

    Ice Houses are built with 4” thick insulated refrigerator panels. Inside components are 100% food grade stainless steel. Ice Houses are built and anchored to withstand Hurricane winds of up to 150 miles per hour.

  19. What kind of warranty is offered on an Ice House?

    Ice House America has a 12 month bumper to bumper warranty on each ice machine.

  20. How do I get more information?

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